1.1 – This Contract is a distance contract in accordance with Art. 50 and subsequent articles of the Legislative Decree # 206 of September 6, 2005 (the Consumer’s Code).  The subject of the Contract is sale of movable assets between Love Tiffani srl with a legal address in Castel Sant'Elia (VT), a tax payer’s code and VAT code 02000530564, hereinafter referred to as the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP, and a consumer, hereinafter referred to as the Customer. The Contract is made by direct acceptance of the Customer’s bid by the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP, where the Customer makes a purchase via a web-site subject to procedures outlined in Clause 3.
1.2 General terms of sale and, in particular, information, acc. to Art. 52 of the Consumer’s Code, provided by the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP in teleshop broadcasts, reproduced over the phone to the Customer and posted to the web-site shall remain valid and effective unless changed and/or integrated by LOVE TIFFANI SHOP. Any amendments and/ or supplements to the General Terms come into effect upon communication and publication thereof and shall apply to sales carried out afterwards. The recent revised version of the General Terms is available at the web-site.

Selling prices for goods advertised at the web-site of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP are given including VAT and all other taxes.
The delivery fee is given during teleshop broadcasts and the web-site of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP.

The purchase of goods advertised at the web-side of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP may be paid for by any of the three safe methods:
- Credit cards
- Cash on delivery
- Early bank transfer

Credit Card
If goods are paid for with a credit card, a competent bank institution will authorize payment of the total amount of the purchase after execution of the order (online deal). This amount will be withdrawn from your credit card. Details that you provide will be processed in strict confidence of the deal.
If the order is cancelled, we guarantee re-crediting of the total amount to your settlement account given during a pre-transfer notice by phone, fax or email.

Cash on Delivery
In case of cash on delivery the order is paid for to the delivery man upon delivery. Payment may be in cash or as a bank cheque in favor of Love Tiffani srl Cash payments are allowed for amounts below € 1000. In case of cash on delivery there is a need for an extra pay in the amount set forth in the goods documents. Cash on delivery applies only to consignments within Italy.

Bank Transfer
In case of a bank transfer, press Complete the order to successful closing of the deal without further steps. You will be emailed all the information of your order and bank transfer or brief overview on what is needed for acceptance. Below you’ll find details for a bank transfer:

 Via E.Fermi snc – 01033 CIVITA CASTELLANA

IBAN: IT 43 G 01005 73030 000000006386


In case of bank transfer you shall follow the below procedure:
- A bank transfer shall be made within 3 business days after the order;
- Please, specify in the reason for payment of the bank transfer: number and date of the order, your name and last name to assist in amount verification.

Your order will be processed  after the payment is reflected on our account or the confirmation of payment (after the bank transfer, please, fax or email to Love Tiffani srl a copy transfer or handing-over or the CRO (bank transaction code) to the number: Fax +39 0761 514101 – E-mail: ordini@lovetiffani.it; if no CRO (bank transaction code) is provided, Love Tiffani Srl will wait for reflection of the money on its account. The time of delivery shall include the time required for our receipt of payment confirmations.

Express carriers of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP may vary based on the distance and carrier’s terms and conditions. Available goods have a delivery term of 48 to 96 hours after the actual payment (credit cards) or receipt of the bank CRO (bank transfer). For currently unavailable goods delivery terms will be provided by Love Tiffani s.r.l..
If the carrier fails to find the beneficiary, the Customer may collect the goods from a warehouse specified by the carrier in the notice. The Customer may collect goods within 7 days at no additional costs: after this period the goods will be sent back to the sender and the Customer will bear extra charges for delivery and warehousing.
We kindly ask the Customer to examine the package seals upon delivery. In case of disturbances, even suspected ones, please, contact Love Tiffani srl immediately (tel. 0761 540662 – ordini@lovetiffani.it ).  Acceptance of goods releases the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP from any claims.

The LOVE TIFFANI SHOP takes the Customers’ orders subject to the storage on hand. Accordingly, the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP’s acceptance of the Customer’s bid depends on availability of goods in stock. The LOVE TIFFANI SHOP exerts every effort to promptly inform the customers on unforeseen stock depletion based on excess demand or any other reasons.

Warranty and aftersales service apply to the goods purchased by the Customer in the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP, as if they were consumer goods.

The Customer claims and guarantees that: (i) it is a consumer in the meaning of Art. 3 of the Consumer’s Code, (ii) it is an adult (iii), information provided for the Contract execution is true and accurate.

8.1 The Customer may cancel the contract without penalties or without assigning any reasons within 10 business days after the goods receipt.
The Customer may exercise the right to withdraw in the abovementioned period by a written notice to the legal address of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP, ref. Clause 4, by registered mail with delivery notification or a telegram.
8.2 The Customer willing to exercise the right to withdraw shall return the products to the address given in the invoice subject to the outlined instructions and within 30 days after the goods receipt. According to Art. 55, item 2, the Consumer’s Code, the Customer has no right to withdraw in the following cases:
- Delivery of individualized or made-to-order goods, or goods no subject to return due to the nature thereof or are at risk of damage or distortion.
8.3 – Costs on the goods return shall be borne by the Customer. Within 30 days after the Customer’s return of goods the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP shall return:
(i) Total amount paid by the Customer, if the goods are returned complete and fully functional; or
(ii) Partial sum equivalent to the returned used goods with noticeable effects and/or considerable diminution in value.

9.1 According to Legislative Decree #196 of June 30, 2003, the Private Data Protection Code (hereinafter the Code, we hereby inform you that private data provided and/or acquired afterwards shall be treated in the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP, in Italy and abroad with electronic and hand hardware in accordance with the Code and applicable privacy regulations.

Purpose of data processing
Acquired data shall be used as follows:
a. registration with the service;
b. purchase-and-sale contracts and services rendering;
c. reasonable efforts for implementation of contract relations;
d. communication of commercial data, advertisements, news items and promotionals by all means (email, SMS etc.);
e. marketing, economic analysis and statistics, also by phone, to check due functioning of services and satisfaction therewith;
f. enhance understanding and knowledge of consumer’s habits and interests;
g. data communication to outside companies with view of direct marketing.
Data provisioning is essential for entry into a sales contract, and additionally in other cases. Lack of data renders the order execution impossible.
Class of the data recipients
In this case private data processing for the above purposes may be carried by legal entities and individuals, both in Italy and abroad, who rend for and on behalf of the LOVE TIFFANI SHOP particular data processing services or support associated activities.
Therefore, your data may be communicated for the same purposes to:
- any person being an authorized receiver of information as a matter of law or regulations (for example, offices and state agencies);
 - any person being a receiver of information required to perform obligations arising from the services rendered;
- other companies specializing in management of business information and credits (such as data processing centers, banks etc.);
Your data will be also processed by:
 - a company and /or employees for control of management servicesк ensuring performance of inside statutory obligations and contractual commitments;
- other persons (firms, companies, individuals) cooperating with a view of services rendering and the above purposes, also abroad.
Such persons act as Responsible persons or Representatives, duly trained and authorized.
Finally, at your prior consent your data may be communicated to third companies (for the list of companies refer to the page Privacy) with view of direct marketing.

Data storage
All acquired data may be used only for the abovementioned purposes and until achievement thereof. Upon expiration of this period the data will be deleted or converted into an anonymous format. The storage of purchase and services data shall not exceed the term stipulated by the law.

Rights of interested parties
This applies to, apart from your right to exercise it at any time, ref. Art.7 (Access to private data and other rights) of the Code, particularly: access to private data, request for data correction, updating and deletion; in case of incomplete, misleading data or data gathered in violation of the applicable legislation – lawful presentation against processing thereof with a written website inquiry as provided for the data access.
The holder of processing: Love Tiffani Srl, with a legal address in Castel Sant'Elia (VT).

This Contract is guided by the Italian legislation. All disputes arising from application, execution, interpretation or violation of the Contract shall be reviewed in the court at the place of official and actual residence of the Customer, when residing in Italy, and the Viterbo Court, for the Customers with official and actual residence abroad.

Für Fragen zu Ihrer Bestellung:
Tel. 0761.540662  info@lovetiffani.it


Sie können mit Kreditkarte, PayPal oder per Banküberweisung zahlen.